Why choose marble to furnish with: let’s discover the uniqueness of this material

Choosing to furnish with marble means using a unique and natural material that can enhance the charm of passing time but also give value to the environment. It is a stone that has always been loved by artists, architects, designers and interior designers because of its color, its particular veins and its unique brightness, but above all because it lends itself to many processing techniques.

Speaking about marble means talking about Italy and it is precisely from the renowned Italian quarries that Cassino Stone searches for the best marbles on the market, becoming today the undisputed leader in the production and processing of the fine marble sector.

Surely the Italian marble that is best-known abroad is the White Carrara which is extracted from the Apuan Alps, in the central north of the country, but we also have the Red of Verona, the Portoro of Liguria, the Pietra of Trani and the marble of Custonaci.

The secrets of marble that you may not yet know

Marble is appreciated by architects and designers compared to other materials due to its ability to last throughout time and because it is a stone full of charm: an authentic expression of nature, it takes shape thanks to the work of man who cuts and polishes it to take it then to luxury homes, hotels, restaurants and many other environments.

A good designer knows how to recognize the aesthetic and functional added value of marble that is synonymous with quality, durability and creativity. It is exactly the Carrara marble and travertine which are the most sought-after stones for their universally recognized merit.

Maybe you do not know it, but the purity of its color and the many veins that characterize marble are different depending on the geographical area they originate in, and sometimes there are types of marble that are only found in a given quarry, as is the case of the white marble of Carrara, one of the most sought-after in the world.

The color of the marble is then due to the presence of minerals such as the microcrystals of hematite with a pale pink color, chlorite that tends towards green, microcrystalline pyrite which gives the marble shades from light gray to darker ones.

Surely one of the most elegant marbles is the polished marble that is velvety to the touch, with satin-like features and is one of the noblest marbles on the market. In this case, it is a material that is much more resistant to scratches than the polished marble, and is therefore suitable for the realization of surfaces and interior and exterior furnishings that will be particularly frequented.

The presence of multiple shades of color of marble means that the processing and especially the polishing of such material is today a real art, of which Cassino Stone is internationally recognized as an expert. The final result is an opaque surface, devoid of reflections and roughness and appears sober and elegant.

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