The Made in Italy of Cassino Stone for luxury hotel furnishings

Throughout Italy we have many examples of luxury hotels, beautiful facilities with splendid swimming pools and amazing spas, fantastic views and much more. However, what makes a classy hotel truly that is luxury furniture, perhaps creating it with precious materials such as marble, granite or quartz.

The elements that can transform a simple hotel into a luxury hotel are so numerous and Cassino Stone has always turned to architectural firms and interior designers in search of materials and solutions that combine style with quality especially for the creation of luxury furniture capable of thrilling and involving people.

Granite, marble and quartz are the most sought-after materials and the luxury hotel sector is the most promising for those involved in design Made in Italy, given that Italian style and taste are now appreciated all over the world.

The contract is, in fact, today a fundamental part of the work of architects and architectural firms, especially when it concerns the tourism sector, which is increasingly aimed at making an impression with precious materials and innovative choices of furniture.

In this photo Gallery, you can see some examples of the works we have created:


3 Luxury furniture best practices to get inspiration from

To give an idea of how an antique, contemporary or original piece of furniture can transform the hotel into a true work of art, we suggest 3 best practices of luxury furniture in Italy.

Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amistà

One of the most beautiful luxury hotels in Italy is located in Verona, where the designer Alessandro Mendini managed to combine history and contemporary style in a surreal environment with the use of 17th century marble together with vintage-effect glamor prints.

The entire hotel is a celebration of art and design, and Chiara Ferragni and Federica Pellegrini sojourn there during their holidays.


Venart Palace

This majestic luxury hotel was created in 2016 from a sixteenth century palace in Venice and brings to light the splendors of the past with Renaissance frescoes, the use of granite and marble in stupendous fireplaces and much more to recreate in every room the splendor of Venetian culture. The beds with gold trim and a romantic design are unique.


The First Hotel Rome

This beautiful 19th-century building is just a few steps away from the Spanish Steps in Rome and is today a refined and luxurious art hotel where each suite was designed by a contemporary Italian artist, which makes this hotel the most chic in the capital.

The velvet living rooms and the Emperador and Afyon marbles of the bathrooms provide tourists with truly unique comfort and beauty.


These are just a few examples, but just look at the pictures of the interior of these hotels to feel immediately part of a fairytale world.

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