The best Italian marbles in the world: qualities and characteristics

The best Italian marbles are now recognized all over the world for their characteristics and quality, since they are very resistant materials with great visual appeal. Choosing the marble for home furnishings or even for just one room will immediately give the environment a sense of great wealth, cleanliness and class.

Surely, still today, marble is one of the finest materials used in the building and furnishing fields, and it has recently become trendy for home furnishings, but not only for that.

A beautiful marble is able to transform the rooms into true works of art, and for its versatility it easily combines with other materials creating surprising effects and arousing unique emotions.

So, let’s see what some of the best Italian marbles in the world are, their virtues and their characteristics thanks to the experience of Cassino Stone, a leader in the production and supply of refined Italian marbles and therefore increasingly sought after by architectural firms and interior designers.

Types of Italian marbles and their characteristics

Surely one of the most famous Italian marbles is Carrara marble, which has been extracted in this Italian town in the Apuan Alps since the time of the Ancient Romans. The value of this marble is the homogeneity of its color, predominantly white or with grayish veins, but still devoid of impurities.

Equally famous and renowned is the pink marble of Candoglia, which can be admired in the Duomo of Milan but which is also chosen more and more often for the interior decoration in hotels, restaurants and other classy places. Pink marble, in fact, is one of the most precious types of marble in the world and it is suitable for numerous applications, from floors to walls, from tables to vases, up to bathroom accessories.

Finally, among the best Italian marbles we remind you of the Trani stone, which has always been used for the construction of floors and walls. Among the advantages of this Italian marble there are, in fact, durability and natural resistance to weight and weather, simplicity of installation and a great biocompatibility. All this without giving up a result that stands out for its style and personality. The color has various shades, from gray to orange, and the effect is very rustic: ideal for porches and gardens but also for designer kitchens.

In conclusion, the main advantages of Italian marble are:

  • Aesthetic beauty
  • Uniqueness and brightness combined with high visual impact
  • Adaptability to the style of the furnishings in the environment in order to meet every aesthetic need.

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