Environmentally sustainable design: Italian Marble

Marble refers to any stone that after being polished and machined can be used as a decorative element

It is Italian quality that makes the difference. Thanks to the beauty of its varied grain-rich natural colors, marble has been used since immemorial times in architecture and sculpture.

Over the years, Cassino Stone has been able to leverage the beauty of Made-in-Italy marble, furnishing interior and exterior with grace, refinement and quality that only a noble element such as stone can confer. Thanks to its great workability, remarkable gloss and exceptional resistance to low temperatures, Italian marble is well suited for use as material for interior and exterior coating and decorating.

Cassino Stone has consolidated its image and position in the marble production industry thanks to the creativity and professionalism of those who are behind the processing of these high quality materials and the marketing of their creations.

Choosing to process natural materials such as lava stone, basalt, granites, and travertine, just to name a few, translates into an extremely eco-friendly production policy.

Marbles create a healthy microcosm, avoiding mold formation and above all an acoustically relaxing and thermally balanced environment, contributing to high energy savings.

Italian marble adds preciousness, sophistication and personality interiors in which are applied for flooring and wall covering, creating a color continuum with outdoor environments in which they are used.

Cassino Stone is a leader in the Italian marble processing market, assuring highest quality, quality of materials and production excellence behind every workmanship.

Nature creates, and Cassino Stone turns it into a work of art!

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