Realize a prestigious project in marble

Whoever wants to realize a prestigious project in marble to furnish a house or a luxury hotel must make sure that the raw material is of quality and comes from truly famous marble extraction sites. Keeping this in mind, Cassino Stone LDT offers its customers only the best marbles selecting only exclusive materials from a small group of high-quality quarries.

And then the processing of the marble is entrusted only to highly qualified personnel, who work according to the best standards of the sector in full respect of the environment and natural heritage.

Calacatta Marble

Cassino Stone extracts Calacatta marble directly from Carrara mountains, in Versilia and in Garfagnana, historic sites for the extraction of this material and among the best sites in the world for the quality of the marble. Calacatta marble is a fine-grained marble that is characterized by pure white slabs crossed by oblique veins shaded in the colors of light yellow and gray.

There are many different varieties of Calacatta marble and it is exactly the veins that define the quality of this very valuable material, which has always been used for interior furnishings: floors, wall coverings, bathroom furnishings, but for design elements as well.

Statuary marble

It is the most valuable white marble, the one that has always been used by artists for their works because of its brilliance and compact structure, perfect for being worked with a chisel. In particular, it is a marble used for floors, statues, fireplaces, but also design objects that immediately give brilliance to the spaces.

Our statuary marble comes from the quarries of Carrara; the sobriety and the particular elegance that characterize the stone material extracted in this area, which can express the beauty of the Carrara mountains at its best, and are able to unleash the creativity of artists, designers and architects.

Michelangelo Marble

The marble quarry used by Michelangelo for his sculptures is still active and is located in the province of Lucca on Monte Altissimo where it was discovered by the artist in 1517. Even today, Cassino Stone LTD extracts its high-quality marbles from this site; this marble was defined by Michelangelo himself as having “a compact, homogeneous, crystalline grain” and he compared it to sugar.

Other marble extraction sites

In addition to the marble quarries of Carrara, our company processes fine marble from the quarries of Portoro in the area of La Spezia. Here, the fine black marble of Portovenere is extracted which is very decorative and characterized by golden veins.

The professionalism of our experts and the careful selection of the extraction sites as well as the quality of the materials allows each individual project to be appreciated by even the most demanding customers.

Discover the origin of the marble processed at Cassino Stone and contact us for more information.