Marble tiles: the important characteristic and some ideas for installation

Marble tiles reminds the natural stone for their particular texture and assure as superior performance of ceramic tiles.


This is why owners love Carrara marble tiles and use this solution to furnish both private and public spaces.

The market is in expansion but interior designers and architects need to know the most important characteristics of high quality marble tiles.

Here are the advice from the Cassino Stone experts to choose the best Carrara marble tiles to decorate your room.


  1. Natural decorations

The marble stone is fragile, but if you use marble tile in installation the result is a material very hard ad wear resistant. Not only: In marble tiles you can find all the original appearance of natural marble stone.

  1. Features

The best marble tiles should have soft texture and smooth grain and for their decorative effects and strength are ideal for various home application spaces and scenes. Use Carrara marble tiles in installation means creating a strong relationship between people and environment.

  1. Vitrified degree

The high quality marble tile has a low water absorption, high vitrification and a brick body very strong. If you have a slow water infiltration, the quality of marble tiles is better.

  1. Hardness

One of the most important characteristic of Carrara marble tiles is hardness and you can test it by paddling with blade or hard ironwork on the surface of the tile: if you don’t see scratches, the marble has an excellent quality.


Carrara marble tiles: the application scenarios


The first type of marble that comes to mind to interior designer and architects is Carrara marble tile. People that are looking for something timeless, never out of style and elegant can find the solution in every type of marble tile.


Cassino Stone offers a variety of marble and customers can choose different colors, textures and uses. An example?  We offer sleek marble for your floors, but also tiles that are ideal in the shower or other rooms: a huge variety of types and sizes to choose from.


The use of marble goes back to the Greco-Roman era and this is the best witness of its timeless beauty and durability. Fortunately, today you can choose between different styles and types of marble tiles


For example, you can choose a minimalist, traditional or rustic style.


Minimalist style

The idea is to use marble tiles with bold vein lines to add drama to a contemporary floor. To give the idea of a solid surface, we suggest arranging marble tiles in a simple pattern, lining up the vein lines.


Traditional style

Carrara marble add a touch of sophisticated style to traditional floor and the Cassino Stone suggestion is to use tiny and rectangular tiles for an elegant and delicate look. An idea is to install marble tiles of two shades of grey to create a checkerboard design.



If you are looking a rustic feel, use square marble tiles of multiple sizes and patterns, combining an assortment of colors and shades of brown, gold and copper. A rustic marble floor can be valorized with handmade wool rugs and wooden furnishing.


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