Marble, granite and quartz: prestigious materials for luxury homes

Marble, granite and quartz: prestigious materials for luxury homes

Cassino Stone has always been the undisputed leader for those who want to furnish a home in a luxurious way, thanks to the production and processing of marble, quartz and granite from the best areas of extraction and that make it possible to decorate each room based on individual tastes.

Marble, quartz and granite are, in fact, prestigious materials and no one forbids using them even in domestic environments, giving the house and the garden a luxurious but not a demanding style or, as one might believe, monumental.

Today, interior designers have, in fact, skillfully separated marble from the concept of classicism and works of art that made it the perfect material for vintage houses, and through well-designed details and furnishing accessories this precious material is well suited to apartments in a modern or contemporary style.

Let’s see some fresh and catchy ideas created using marble, granite and quartz. We are thinking, for example, about the possibility of enriching a bathroom with a bathtub made of a natural granite block, but also with the growing popularity of tables made of marble or granite with considerable aesthetic potential.

Authentic classy objects that can be made from precious materials such as those of Cassino Stone, a company specializing in the supply and production of marble, granite and quartz which are sought after for their quality, aesthetic beauty and uniqueness.

There is no lack of daring solutions such as the luxury home furnishings based on Carrara marble, for example a bedside table with soft lines and unique brightness or a bookcase that manages to recreate unique effects. Truly wonderful ideas to immediately transform every room in the house into a little gem!


How to decorate the house in a luxurious style with rose quartz

Quartz is also a precious material that more and more architects and interior designers are choosing for  the luxurious furnishings of private homes: this is an original solution that recalls the 50s and really suits every personal taste.

Using rose quartz, as you can see, is really simple as this shade goes well with several others: pieces of furniture and furnishing accessories in this material find the perfect place both in a rustic living room and in a modern apartment in big cities.



The 3 granite must-haves for a luxury home

Erroneously considered cold and ancient, granite is nowadays a perfect material for the creation of unique pieces of furniture that are well suited to luxurious furnishings.

It is the perfect solution to furnish the homes of those who want to stand out, as it gives a touch of class even to minimal environments and is widely used to make tables, lamps, sofas as well as garden furniture such as fountains.

Here are the 3 must-haves in order to give character to one’s home, choosing from among the different granite varieties provided by Cassino Stone and that you can see on our website (link: )

  • Tables and coffee tables that transmit security with their strong lines and that are well suited to every style thanks to the various shades of this stone with unique details;
  • Lamps that become collector’s pieces thanks to the light show that illuminates the room and brings out the natural veins of high-quality granite;
  • Suggestive and resistant garden furniture: granite can be used to create outdoor lamps, accessories such as tables and chairs, but also Zen fountains that recreate the feeling of wellness typical of the oriental world.

The ideas to enhance indoor and outdoor environments with marble, granite and quartz are so numerous; find out other useful tips in our blog or contact us to learn more about the materials provided by Cassino Stone.


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