Indications: guide to materials and their best use in the various areas

Explain in which area a material is better than another one and the reasons

Choice of materials for the furnishings: marble, granite and quartz for houses and hotels

Today you can furnish your house with style using materials such as marble, granite and quartz in the various rooms of the house or in those of the hotel. Cassino Stone is the undisputed leader in the production and processing of these stones for which there is an increasing demand, and in this article we want to give you some suggestions on the choice of materials for furnishings.

Marble: its use in houses and hotels

Marble is surely the most elegant material and it is well-suited to any room, from the houses of nobles and wealthy people to luxury hotels, as a hallmark used for the surfaces in the rooms but also for bathroom wall coverings. However, it is better to avoid marble for the floor, perhaps preferring carpets or wood that give a greater sense of well-being and comfort, but if you do decide to use it, you can complete the furnishing with warm-toned bedside rugs.

It certainly has the advantage of being a resistant stone that does not require any special treatment from the point of view of maintenance and cleaning.

Granite and quartz for the kitchen

Today, finding the ideal worktop for the kitchen takes time and dedication, since the ideal solution has to be attractive but must also not require excessive maintenance. Among the most widely-used materials, we can mention quartz and granite, which adapt to every design requirement.

Cassino Stone offers the best quartz e granite to give liveliness and personality to the house and to the hotel, but above all to enjoy unique advantages including:

  • Easy maintenance and protection against the absorption of liquids (in both cases);
  • Very high hygienic and antibacterial standards (in both cases);
  • The possibility to choose from a wide range of colors of quartz;
  • Resistance to scratches and temperature variations in case granite is chosen;
  • The brilliance and uniqueness of the colors of granite.

The beauty of granite for the living room floor

Granite, even if it is less valuable than marble, gives elegance to every room and has the advantage of being more versatile than marble: this is why more and more people choose it to furnish houses and hotels in a classic or a modern style.

Cassino Stone offers customers a wide range of granite with very diverse colors, and granite is an excellent choice for the living room floor. The reasons? Certainly for its aesthetic characteristics, but also for its functionality given that it has a greater resistance compared to marble, which protects the floor from wear.

Since it is a compact stone, even its upkeep is truly simple and all that is necessary is a damp cloth to keep the dirt away, without any fear of staining due to the absence of pores. To give warmth to the living room, however, it is a good idea to complete the furnishings with soft and colorful carpets, since granite can seem a bit cold.