Flooring and cladding: Cassino Stone’s marble

It creates the right atmosphere in your home, starting with marble flooring – it is from the foundation that big projects are made!

Did you know that Cassino Stone is the undisputed protagonist in the production of interior and exterior marble floors?

Floors and walls are transformed from simple constructive elements to ‘influencer’ of taste, and the furnishing of a home or of any other environment to be decorated.

At the heart of Cassino Stone’s philosophy is the need to satisfy the tastes of its customers, who have an attentive eyes towards trends and experiments, in terms of colors, shapes or decoration elements. All this at competitive market prices, but in keeping with the unquestioned quality of materials and their durability.

This is the new frontier of furnishing. The goal is to create a continuum between interiors and exteriors, with a composition and color effects that recreate warm, comfortable, and cozy environments that fit any need.

Marble and stone are the main protagonists of this new naturalistic tendency in the building industry: rustic environments with an ‘eternal’ touch.

These materials do not fear the passing of time, guaranteeing an aesthetically and economically advantageous investment. For marble flooring you must definitely consider the craftsmanship required to process this noble material.

If a diamond is forever, so are Cassino Stone marble floors!

Are you restoring your home and looking for marble floors? Cassino Stone personnel will be able to present a range of different solutions both for interior and exterior, guaranteeing the excellence of Made-in-Italy marble.