Carrara Marble Bathroom: timeless elegance for your bathroom

More and more people are choosing Carrara marble to furnish the bathroom and this is a  stylistically good choice to make your home even more elegant and luxurious.

Thought Carrara marble is widely known for its ancient glamour, it is the ideal material also for a contemporary bathroomCarrara’s pure marble finishes are a very sophisticated and refined item: in addition to the marble tiled floors, there are plenty of furniture, accessories and furnishing accessories that recreate a romantic style typical of ancient Roman villas.

Even its name, which is derived from the word mármaros, that means “a crystalline and shining stone” let us know why it’s been used for years as a symbol of luxury and even today it is appreciated also in modern bathrooms.


Take a look at some ideas to use the Cassino Stone Carrara marble in your bathroom, for example we can create a custom sink or we suggest to use this material to cover all surfaces: walls, floor  and the outside of the bathtub playing with different texture, size and proportion.  The final result simulates the feeling of living in luxury house, enveloped in Carrara marble.


 The advantages of Carrara marble bathroom

 Work with Carrara marble is easy, because it is a soft stone and even today it has multiple uses. In bathroom you can use this material for walls, benchtops and flooring but also for the cornices or little details that make the room precious and original.